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Corporate Relocation Services

All India Packers and Movers is providing various relocation services to its customers including family relocation, individual relocation, group relocation and corporate relocation etc. We also are providing specific services for both the individuals and corporates. These services include settling in service, spouse employment, child and elderly care, administrative assistance, furniture rental, cross-culture training and cleaning service etc. All these services offered by us save your valuable time and lessen all the avoidable inconvenience.

Services for Individuals
» Settling in Service : The services offered by us start at the very point of origin itself. It makes the settling part quick, easy and comfortable. These moving and packing services are attached with the services at point of origin and services at the last destination.

» Service at the Point of Origin : All India Packers offers some of the services before the actual movement itself. These services include Orient Programme before departure. This tailor-made program has been designed to introduce the customer to the new region. All the practical aspects of the relocation are clarified to the customer. These are medical information, public transportation, banking, rental costs, shopping centres and recreational facilities etc.

» Other Services : Children and Elder care services are also provided to All India Packers to assist the individuals in transitioning members of the family. Clients can accept the relocation and concentrate on the new assignments this way. We also help you with the formalities for obtaining work and residence permits, visas etc. All the relevant documents are collected and checked to file the application for the family and accompany them for all the appointments required in the process. All India Packers also follows up for the required documents with authorities until the final approval. Medical care and social security enrollment is also handled by us.

Services for Corporates
We understand the specific requirements of our corporate clients very well. They put the transferee into the hands of someone they can bank on. They always prefer professionals here. They themselves handle the small details. All India Packers is fairing well on this front also. We are offering numerous value added services to our corporate clients including these.

» Post-Move Analysis : A thorough post-move analysis is done for willing corporate customers. We have to ensure their complete satisfaction anyhow. A formal critique of the services, a presentation and review of invoice and a claims review is included here.

» Complete Office Installation : All India Packers helps the corporates to get their businesses running again as soon as possible, doesn't matter they have moved locally, domestically or internationally. We also help the clients in reconfiguration of office equipment, space planning, receipt and delivery of new products, relocation of system furniture, installation of new and used products etc.

» Area Orientation Tours & Training Packages : These tours provide important information to help the employees gain a basic familiarity with new city, work relocation and surrounding areas. Variety of cultural training packages are also provided by All India Packers. These packages cover all major worldwide locations and all types of language training courses.

» International Expense Management and Mortgage Advice : All India Packers has its connections or tie-ups with independent mortgage brokers also. It helps in identifying and advising upon the most appropriate mortgage for the customers.


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